Friday, April 3, 2009

Picky about pick guards, pick up rings and truss rod covers.

The pick guards and pickup rings are complete. This time around with four to do, I designed a universally shaped pick guard. This simplified the cutting of the instrument hole immensely. The new Eat Your Heart Out is getting a special pickup mounting ring, a double. The pick up rings are two layers of veneer laminated in the same direction. Marquetry is cut into the top layer.The edges are bound, bent on the hot pipe as required.Finish shaping is by hand with the riffler and sandpaper. Note the fret work hearts, pierced through to show the flame maple guitar top. The bottom layer of the mount is walnut for a contrasting edge around the cutout shapes.The pick guards are three ply, all the same direction, with a bit of marquetry in the top layer.The edges are shaped with the rasp and chisels. Again, we avoid a machine shaped edge.The different holes are drilled for the individual components, again, standardized layout makes things simple. The output jack has a lip that must be accomodated, both for a snug fit and to reach through to the nut on the front.The purfling cutter scribes the rebate, and my ground down chisel takes out the waste.Hand sanded, of course.
Truss rod covers are two ply, and sanded very thin. I went ahead and standardized these this time, as well. A little marquetry in the top layer helps keep things unique.

With everything sanded out to 1000 grit we are just about ready for shellac.

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