Friday, May 1, 2009

Moving up in the world.

I am very proud and happy to announce that WCS Guitars are now available, exclusively, through Yes, folks, I took a chance and sent a guitar to the owner of BirdlandMusic, a fellow by the name of William Trotman. I sent him the flame maple Gates of Hell, and to put it mildly, he was very impressed.

The following are in Bill's own words:

Regarding the strip built laminate construction/sustain:

"Yes, you are on to something.....Minirak guitars...has that concept, however, I do not believe they ring anything close to yours...nor does a thin line is the first thing you notice about the guitar plugged into a tube makes me want to play some Stevie Ray blues...and really make the thing sing..!!!!!"

Regarding the action and set-up:

"frets are perfect....Action was fine for me out of the case....some players get really fussy with closer and closer action...which this guitar could handle .....[string]spacing is great....radius of fingerboard ....and feel makes you just want to play....this guitar just puts me in the comfort zone and groove after the first note."

Regarding plans to take it into the studio with his band:

"I will be interested to hear Dave(rock guitarist) play it as well....on bass, when I am singing it gives me a nice position in the band to hear all the parts and feel the guitar and its....ability....Actually, my guess is that it will out perform his Stratocaster and Dean..."

There you have it, folks. From a fellow who has been selling some of the finest guitars available for years and years. But, that's not all. WCS Guitars are now front page/top billing on Really couldn't ask for anything more than that. Hope you'll swing by and check it out.

To read a review of my first sold guitar, check out Harmony Central for a full rundown on my first Eat Your Heart Out. The new owner of this guitar has been kind enough to demo it for us also: check out this vid.

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  1. Isaac, I stumbled upon your youtube videos by accident. Since my birthday is this month, my wife told me to go ahead and get my dream guitar. Well, I've been searching and searching...almost ordered a Carvin...almost ordered a G and L...on and on. After seeing your work and great guitars. I've decided to order one of your guitars. Thanks.